Neuro-Inspired High Performance Computing


‚Äč                                                      Rt-nueron
                                                       Visualizing neurons in a cortical column of brain with CAVE

The challenge

The capacity of supercomputers will in near future increase from  petascale to exascale. Before that, enormous challenges in energy, reliability and cost of moving, visualizing and analyzing massive amounts of data need to be resolved.

Subproject 1

The first focus area of this project is to develop new software for supercomputers allowing supercomputers to act as interactive scientific instruments. It will enable simulation, visualization and analysis to be performed at the same time on the same machine, interactively.

Subproject 2

The second is to learn from the brain how to perform computations with minimal energy requirements and with high reliability. The key to these brain-like technologies lies in a deeper understanding of how the brain is powered brainpower and remains functional despite damage. The project will develop biologically detailed models of the blood supply to the brain, and study the vascular coupling to neurons and glia cells - the neuro-vascular-glial unit - that can be studied using the new software.


The project is a collaboration between KAUST and the Blue Brain Project (BBP) at Ecole Polytechnique Federale  de Lausanne (EPFL), Switzerland, where the detailed computer models of mammalian neuronal columns are being developed.


This project will lead to profound scientific insights into the energetics of the brain that could have broad impact on computing technologies, and to a new generation of interactive supercomputing software that will advance a spectrum of applications in science and engineering.

People Involved

PI: Prof. Pierre Magistretti, Dean (BESE)
Co-PI: Dr. Heikki O Lehvaslaiho, Senior Research Scientist (BESE)
Project Lead (Visualization) : Dr. Madhusudhanan Srinivasan, Visualization and CG Research Scientist (KVL)
Corrado Cali, PostDoc. (BESE)
Glendon Holst, Software Developer (BESE)
Daniya Boges, Junior Software Developer (BESE)
Madhavi Aita, Software Build and Test Engineer (BESE)
Hubert Fiumelli, Senior Research Scientist (BESE)