A Multi-Purpose Audio Control Framework

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Tahakum is an open source, extensible collection of software tools designed to enhance workflow on multi-channel audio systems within complex multi-functional research and development environments. Tahakum aims to provide critical functionality required across a broad spectrum of audio systems usage scenarios, while at the same time remaining sufficiently open as to easily support modifications and extensions via 3rd party hardware and software.

The framework provides this functionality using three software tools, designed using Max/MSP:

  • AudioSwitcher Server combines audio mixing, routing, and delays, network and MIDI i/o, and a graphical user interface, within a preset-based automation system, for storage and recall of complex audio system state changes and event sequences. Additionally, client control software enables multi-user simultaneous access to the server.
  • Asset Manager provides dynamic loading, unloading and control over Max patches, easy network integration using Open Sound Control (OSC), and an abstraction layer that facilitates changes to a project’s panning algorithms and software-to-hardware channel mappings.
  • Control Proxy blends network message routing/redirection, network protocol conversion between incoming and outgoing messages, and a console interface for manually sending network messages to user-defined destinations.

Click here to visit the current Tahakum site.

Comments or questions:
AudioSwitcher or Control Proxy - contact Zachary Seldess
Asset Manager - contact Toshiro Yamada