Research and Development

‚ÄčThe Visualization Laboratory is staffed with several Research Scientists with expertise in Computer Graphics, Scientific and Information Visualization, Virtual Reality, HPC Visualization, Sonification, and Human-Computer Interaction. We provide both research and technology support to Faculty, Post-Docs, Students, KAUST Industry Partners, and other members of the university to facilitate their research efforts and enable them to utilize our facilities for large-scale data visualization. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your needs in more detail with our staff.


Academic Projects are those activities in which the lab provides research and/or technical support to a project led or coordinated by a faculty member or from another lab on campus.  This might involve research activities by KVL staff (RESEARCH projects) in visualization techniques, graphics, display technologies or interfaces.  It might also involve technical support in utilizing some of the software or facilities provided by the lab to the university (SUPPORT projects).   Finally, we consider INTERNAL projects those research and development activities carried out by KVL staff in order to provide additional functionality to the lab facilities that will enable or improve the research support for the whole university.

Project requests to the lab can come from different sources and require different amount of work.  This procedure DOES NOT cover services provided by the lab to the university such as tours, video-conferencing, seminars, workshops or training activities.


Academic Project requests are coordinated by the KVL Projects Coordinator (Dr. Daniel Acevedo).  The process is as follows: 

  1. Project request form.
  2. KVL Projects Coordinator evaluates request and initiates a project file for on-going follow up of the project status.  It will contain personnel assignments as well as tracking of time spent project activities.
  3. This initial assessment of work is presented to the Academic Projects Committee (all PhD's on the KVL staff).  This biweekly meeting will agree on the assessment of work and recommend staff and priority:                                                                                                                                                               
    • SUPPORT Projects will be assigned to a KVL staff member by the committee and a PRIORITY will be given to the project.
    • INTERNAL Project requests will be discussed in the biweekly Projects meeting.  A PRIORITY will be given then.  The Lab Manager will approve the creation and allocation of staff for an INTERNAL project. 
    • RESEARCH Project requests will usually represent longer-term projects.   The assessment of work and priority will be presented for approval at the biweekly meeting. 
    • ALL new project requests, along with monthly projects report will be submitted to KVL's User Committee for approval. 
  4. The assigned KVL staff scientist (incase of accepted project) or the KVL Project Coordinator (in case of rejected project) will inform the requestor regarding the status of the request and the resolution from the different meetings.
This review process and the eventual acceptance or rejection of a project, involves all research staff in the lab.  All decisions are made on a case-by-case basis, taking into account the current over-allocation of staff with respect to requested projects from KAUST faculty and staff, the state of lab facilities, the appropriateness of the project with respect to the lab's functions, and the technical requirements and expertise required.

All decisions are presented for approval to the KVL User Committee.