Audio and Video Production

Digital Media Production for Researchers


Digital media can be a powerful instrument for conveying even the most complicated scientific or technological research. With audio and video recordings, researchers can document their field and lab work by collecting important visual and aural details. With modeling and animation, researchers can depict abstract data and simulations to engage their peers and students in a positive and memorable way. 

KAUST researchers can request their own digital media production with support and 
training in animation, sound capture and videography at KAUST Visualization Laboratory (KVL). 

KVL Digital Media Production Goals:
  1. Provide support to researchers on how to develop clearly communicated media about KAUST research.
  2. Assist researchers in the creation of media for journal articles, class presentation materials, and conference booth materials.
  3. Provide technical support, training and methods for researchers to document their research using digital media.
  4. Provide methods for KAUST researchers to share their research publications with larger audiences.
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Media created at KVL is made available for playback at KVL, conferences, campus events, KAUST Digital Library and KVL Vimeo Channel.

Audio-Visual Documentation for Scientific Communication

Types of Services:
  • Animation and modeling using researcher's data or simulated models and algorithms
  • Provide live composited studio recordings with staff support
  • Provide training to researchers for documentary video in interview, demonstration, and presentation format 
  • Bookable editing stations with orientation
  • Audio dialog recordings & compositions to pair with research data
  • Foley sound design, audio for data annotation, and production sound sweetening

To submit a request please use this form: KAUST Visualization Lab Production Request Form.