About Us

The Visualization Laboratory at KAUST is a state-of-the-art facility that offers students, faculty, researchers and university collaborators a unique opportunity to utilize one-of-a-kind visualization, interaction, and computational resources for the exploration and presentation of scientific data. 2D and 3D display environments, highly spatialized and immersive audio, monoscopic and stereoscopic displays, wireless interaction devices, and fully integrated and portable desktop applications are some of the services the laboratory offers. All spaces are fully interconnected with a 10Gb link, and can also be utilized for academic events and research meetings. Audio/video streaming, recording, and playback of research presentations/seminars are available throughout the facility.

The facility is available for use by any KAUST member, and the laboratory staff can provide assistance in creating new customized applications with their expertise in computer graphics, human-computer interaction, virtual reality, scientific visualization and sonification.